Service and Dealership Business

NRCHROD was asked to develop and assist in the implementation of the following HR activities for the client with a solid experience in the freight forwarding and dealership business:

  • Organization Chart:

    - Approving org chart of each department - Laying off employees with poor performance - Hiring new qualified members

    • Job descriptions

    - CEO - Finance Manager - Operation Manager - PA - Financial Analyst - Freight forwarding Specialist - Marketing Analyst - Sales Director - Sales Representative - Chief Accountant - Senior Accountant - Office Boy - Stock Controller - Safe-Box Keeper - PR Officer - Technical Support Officer

    • Code of conduct

    - General guidelines - Conflict of interest - Bribing and theft - Harassments - Smoking and eating etiquette - Using company assets and properties - Behaviors and attitudes

    • Dress code

    - Setting standards for employee mode of getting dressed - Colors, styles and status - General hygienic aspects

    • Performance Management System

    - Forms to evaluate performance of employees doing managerial/supervisory activities. - Forms to evaluate performance of non-managers - Analyzing results, identifying gaps - Recommending solutions to bridge gaps

    • Employee satisfaction survey ( climate survey )

    - Work environment - Employee-Management relationships - Employee-Employee relationships - Employee pay and benefits - Progress and development - Company Social responsibility - Employee's responsibilities and duties

    • Company governance

    - Implementing and follow up implementation of policies and procedures - Restructuring organization design to include top management and middle managers - Composing a Board of Directors to lead the company - Empowering young managers

    "" Family businesses are an important part of the global economy; they make more than 60% of all companies in Europe and the Americas with about 50% of the employment""

Running a family business