NRCHROD is offering its services in the following integrated areas:

• Strategic and operational planning :

- Review firm's goals and objectives - Help management formulate firm's strategy
- Evaluate organization structure - Analyze internal operation - Assess strengths and weaknesses

• Human Resources management and planning :

- Policies and procedures manual - Review and develop position descriptions - Employee performance review, forms
- Progress planning and monitoring - Career development - Gap management, identification and analysis
- Talent strategy, workforce management and business alignment where strategies are set to support organizational growth - Organizational design and development where programs are initiated to support team growth
- Change management to enable business goal achievement - Talent and leadership development where skills and competencies of the team members are improved and well developed.

• Communications :

- Top-down relationships - Team building and learning laboratory - Work environment and culture - Employee engagement

• Progress and development :
This takes many forms depending on the client's needs and requirements as follows:

- Training and guidance
This depends on the status to be handled where courses and programs delivered are classified into two categories Tier-one which are the standard courses regardless the specialty or industry of the client and Tier-two which are specialized programs that require a significant amount of preparation time on the part of the facilitator and those courses are restricted in their format and class size. Fees are varied from Tier-one to Tier-two courses.
- Facilitation
Executive retreats, strategic planning meetings and gathering to address workplace change often require a skilled facilitator to craft a framework and guide discussions; we provide this service at a specific daily rate.

- Consulting
Sometimes, clients have needs not addressed by training, coaching or facilitation. For those clients, we offer a full range of consulting services. Fees for consulting depend entirely on the complexity of the project and are handled on a case-by-case basis.

- NGO support services unit

1. Monitoring, Evaluation and Research, (MER).
Our integrated package provides the following services:
a. Situation analysis (combining both primary and secondary data sources);
b. Development of relevant research frameworks (including formats and samples)
c. Design and testing of qualitative and quantitative tools
d. Conducting baselines; e. Conducting mid- term reviews;
f. Conducting final evaluations; g. Conducting impact studies

2. Grants/ funding- raising/ resource mobilization –related. We offer the following basic and advanced services:
a. Training in basic grants management areas b. Training in grants financial management, (MANGO –based);
c. Training in proposal development basic concepts;
d. Facilitation and documentation of grants start-up workshops
e. Development of related strategies such as fund-raising/ resource mobilization
f. Development of proposals in relevant areas; g. Donor mapping

3. Development of program strategies/ policies. In the area of program strategy, we offer the following:
a. Development of overall strategies for the specific entity over a certain period f time;
b. Assessment of strategies over certain periods of time;
c. Recommendations for strategy assessment

4. Capacity building and enhancement. We provide:
a. Specific program trainings for staff and stakeholders; (e.g., gender, street children, child labor, inclusion, civil society, etc.). b. Curriculum development;
c. Development of manuals in specific areas as relevant

5. Facilitation and documentation of program workshops. We offer:
a. Preparation of logistics; b. Translation services (oral and written);
c. Documentation and writing of workshop reports (Arabic and English)
d. Providing workshop facilitators/ moderators

6. Translation services. We provide professional translation services as:
a. Program documents from Arabic to English;
b. Program documents from English to Arabic;
c. For sponsorship specific entities:
i. Various communication products from English to Arabic
ii. Various communications products from Arabic to English